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Do you remember the bedtime stories when you are small which is shared by your granny? or may be now you are sharing the stories to your own kids? Mostly the thriller and adventure stories which are graphically represented will remain in our hearts for life long.

Yes, I am going to share one of the best kids winning bedtime story app which is called The Scroll First Chapter. The app has a lovable tale story followed by some amazing puzzles.


First of all, the meaning of Scroll in story is something like the object which gives the magical powers. It is the only thing which can bring and solve the war or peace, love or destruction. So the app is fully adventured with two kids and their parents. On the story, after the death of their mother, they start their journey to find the Scroll.

This search takes them to mystical places, distant times and lots of troubles in the way of puzzles. These puzzles have evolved with different wars such as control flying, crossword puzzles and money doubling. The puzzles can be solved with the simple knowledge of math and science and also the hints are available to unlock the episode. I am sure that these puzzles will sharp the kid’s brain power and also creates interest to learn something new in their mind

Moreover the graphics of the app is good which is attractable for kids. This is iPad only app and it requires iOS 3.2 or later. The app is available in app store, priced at $1.99 which looks a bit on the higher side, but I am sure you are gonna enjoy with this app, if you have kids at home.

Price: $1.99

Rating: 4.5/ 5

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