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Its hard to manage and calculate time for a frequent flier. To me, I am not good at managing time when it comes to Business trips and the main reason was the time difference. Time is precious and when it comes to managing time during business you really need to be good at that. So how to overcome this? World Clock is a pretty impressive iPad app that lets you to watch time of more than 230 countries in the world. The time clock is so precise to easily manage your activities when you’re on a trip.

world clock iPad app review

First of all World Clock has a stunning interface with necessary functions at the home layout. To be more specific the home layout consists of the world map and analog clocks. The world map is so lively as you can see the dark shadows which indicates nighttime followed by analog clocks displaying times of your favorite regions. To be frank I have tried out some clock apps and nothing is as good as World Clock. So let me point the best features that really impressed me.

  • Time is calculated based on the iPad local time and also it can be synced to the network to check the time.
  • The app support 192000 regions from 230 countries from around the world.
  • Set alarm to alert you using any of your favorite time zone
  • You can display upto 24 clocks at the home screen
  • Switch between analog and digital clocks
  • Daylight saving calculations are included with this app to give you the exact time
  • A very nice search feature to find out and add your city time
  • Compare time among your selected cities
  • Scroll on the map to see the time variation

Overall World Clock has what all I had expected in a clock app. If you are a frequent flier, you are going to benefit the most out of this app. The final verdict for World Clock is Cool, Stylish and a very useful app for business travelers.

Cost: $1.99

Rating: 4.5/5

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