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Three Little Pigs is a cute little story with great animations that is worth the watch. The app has 3D to visualize each pages in Steroscopic 3D, so to experience it you need a pair of red-and-blue to experience each pages in 3D. I don’t have the glass to preview, but the app still looks and works great. The animations of Three Little Pigs is adorable by its voice for each characters.

three little pigs iPad app review

At first the characters in the app is so sweet and I am sure it will be the kids favorite app. Let me tell you, Three Little Pigs HD does suits for Kids and I don’t think adults are gonna find it interesting. So guys stay away from Three Little Pigs, this is not the book we read (lol). Each page of this app has an animation that can be forwarded or reversed just by swiping your fingers. When I heard about 3D, I wondered how does it look without the 3D glass, but to be frank it was good enough to see the visuals with our human eye. Especially I was attracted towards the soundtrack of the storyline.

The story is not so big when compared with other story apps, however the concept of the app, takes it to the limelight. As I said previously kids are going to enjoy it more than what we do.

I do believe the game has some negative aspect such as no fullscreen option and the story could be more long. Irrespective of these two, Three Little Pigs is good to go.

Cost: $2.99

Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. Great app! My daughter loves it and it keeps her entertained while I'm running errands. She loves way it pops out at her, even better with the 3D glasses on!

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