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Yet another reader app hits the iPad and this time its Times for iPad developed by Acrylic Software. Times for iPad is a paper styled iPad app that is sure of grabbing the attention besides the other reader app. A very neat and minimal design of the app look more appealing when it comes to reading on the iPad.

Times for iPad App Review

The interface of the app was very well planned and designed, it look like the developers are very keep in bringing the e-newspapers look to the app, by retaining the paper colors. The news category works perfect to change between news just by tapping on the preferred tab, a very useful function in the app. At my first look the app looks fabulous, yes it has to be for a very minimal design and later after checking for the features, I was little disappointed with the inability to import Google Reader RSS feeds. This is not a big issue to have an app without the ability to add Google Reader feeds, but for an app that is priced under $7.99, we need to think of it.

Times for iPad is a no-doubt-good-app for the iPad users. If you look into the customization part, you can customize all the styles based upon our likings and you get a beautiful shelf for the saved articles. Voila, the best ever bookmark interface in an iPad app. Taking a deep look into the app will explore some similar features to the Pulse iPad app by adding a web view for the full articles and the feature to share the articles that we loved on Facebook or Twitter.

So overall, Times for iPad an elegant news reader iPad app, that you should give a try.

Cost: $7.99

Rating: 4/5

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