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Running Arcade Game for iPad

If you were told that there was a way you could play with tomatoes using your phone, would you agree? Well, it sounds strange enough, but believe it or not, this time round, they are bold enough to bring you Tomato Tycoon, an arcade game that runs through 4 challenging mini games and a whooping 64 levels to explore. It’s about helping Jimmy create his tomato empire.

Challenging Tomato App

The idea is to quickly navigate through as many objects as possible while grabbing the tomatoes on your way, especially the gold ones. Grab the clocks along the way to enjoy additional time, as well as complete the levels and earn cool points. But this iPad game is also educative in addition to making you spend hours on your phone’s screen playing it. As you struggle to help Jimmy build his tomato empire, you’ll come across interesting facts about tomatoes, things that you probably didn’t know. It’s one gaming app that is easy to play and intuitive as well. You are definitely going to love it.

We noticed that Tomato Tycoon starts easy, and you might even be fooled how easy it feels like to play the levels. However, it gradually becomes complicated and challenging as you proceed through the levels. In order to succeed here, you need to be quick and accurate, or else you lose it all. It’s certainly a game that will keep you glued onto your phone for hours.

That said, let’s explore some of the features this amazing iPad game has in store for us:

1. Four Mini Games with 64 Challenging Levels:
If you are the kind of person who loves to explore, then this game is just for you. The 4 mini-games will intrigue you, and the 64 challenging levels will keep your adrenaline shooting like crazy.

2. Age Bracket:
Tomato Tycoon does not discriminate based on age. Ideally, anyone can play it, there’s no age limit to restrict you here.

Challenging Tomato App

3. Game-Play:
The game-play is quite easy to master, and the intuitive controls will make your work easier amid action.

4. Coordination:
Again, you need good eye and hand coordination in order to succeed here. But you can always master the tactics in the shortest period of time as your hands and eyes get used to the game.

5. Obstacles:
Don’t pick rotten tomatoes. Avoid swooping birds too because they will subtract your points.

6. Visuals:
It’s a HD game with lots of graphics and movements to spruce up the game-play. And it supports retina display as well. This is certainly what you’ve been looking for.

7. Choose Your Characters and Costumes:
You have 7 options when choosing your characters as well as your costumes. If you like, choose Ninja Jimmy or Dino Jimmy.

iPad Tomato Tycoon

8. Add-Ons:
You can purchase new levels as well as characters after you accumulate points. Alternatively, you could use your App store account to acquire these.

9. Compatible:
This is a universal app, which means one download can serve all your devices. Furthermore, Tomato Tycoon is compatible with a wide range of iOS devices. It supports iPod3, iPod4 and iPod 5. It also supports all the 3G iPhones, iPhone 4 and 4s, iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, iPad 1 up to 4, iPad mini and iPad air.

* This game can easily pass for a kid’s game because of the animations.
* Of course this game has everything you’ll ever look for in an arcade game. And the best thing is that it can be downloaded and played in most iOS devices.

If you have an iOS device, this game is recommended for you. You won’t believe how it will keep you busy during that part of the day when you are bored. It’s available for everyone who wants to have some fun with tomatoes.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

Download from iTunes

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