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About The App

A Big Journey is a game app developed by ToucannacuoT. At the very first look the game looks like a high end graphical puzzle, but what exactly it delivers is the old age Snakes and Ladders gameplay. This board game has some excellent graphcs throughout that creates a good impression.


Inside The Game

When you tap open the game you will land in home screen. There you will find all the options, to play the game. On the left side of the screen you will find the six colored squares. You can select either any of the six or all of the six or how many of it you want by just tapping on it. This means you are selecting the number of players for this game. After you have selected the number of players for the game, you need to decide how many of them need to against the device. For this you need to tap once more on the selected color square, then a tiny iPad symbol will appear in that square, indicating that iPad is playing against you.

The Gameplay

When you start the game you will be taken to the game board. The game board has beautiful images of various parts of the world. Starting from the middle east to the western countries. These images makes the game more attractive. Now I’ve selected two player option out of which one is played my me and the other is played by the iPad. For each move we should throw the dice, and based on the number you get from the dice, you move the coin. There are one hundred points in the game board, so you get as many points as you move. In between there are no-point zones, points that will pull you back, points that will push you forward, it all depends upon your luck. The one who reaches the end first is the winner. This is the gameplay.


When you are playing the game you will be viewing the game in two angles. The first one is from a top angle from where you can see the whole game board. And the second one is, when you tap on your coin you will be zoomed in to that particular part of the game board. In the second angle you will find a menu button in the top right side. When you tap on it, you will be taken to the main screen.


I find this game to be interesting, the graphics is eye catching and the animation is smooth. The background music is pleasant to the ears and the sound effect for throwing the dice is realistic. But it is getting boring after playing a couple of times. And concept is taken from the snake & ladder game with slight modification. However the other factors justify its price. I would give 4 out of 5.

Price: $2.99

Rating: 4/ 5

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