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About The App

Weather Compass GPS+ By Studeo410 is a navigation app.


What Is In The App

Weather Compass GPS+ contains the following tools Weather indicator, Map, Speedometer, Altimeter, Cours. The compass show the real time orientation magnetic north and true north pole and you can switch between true north and magnetic north. Using the location tool you can find the address, latitude, longitude, cours and speed of travel, altitude and you can switch between units (Miles/Kilometers).


Using the weather tool you can get the name of the city, date and time, temperature details, wind speed,chillness,direction of the wind, humidity level in the air, pressure,barometric pressure state, visibility, sunrise and sunset timing. You can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The date section displays the real time date and time. You can switch between 12 hours to 24 hours time.

Using the map tool you can view three types of maps, the standard,satellite and hybrid maps. You can find your current location, and track other locations. There is also a GPS signal indicator, using which we can know the signal strength.



This app has all the tools that a navigation app needs. Its an all in one package. It is realy useful to all who travel to unkown places. I recommend this to travellers.


Price: $0.99


Rating: 5/ 5


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