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Tumblita is a Tumblr client for the iPad. It lets you blog on your Tumblr blog right from your iPad.

I’m sure most of you would have known about Tumblr, a popular micro blogging platform with more than 55 million users. Yesterday was a disastrous day for any Tumblr user as the platform was totally out of service, halting every other blogger’s work. However, that has nothing to do with apps like Tumblita, which offer very good experience for Tumblr iPad users.

tumblita for iPad

To be frank, Tumblr is one of the best personal blogging platforms available. Many niche bloggers, tech experts and geeks use it to publish their thoughts (even I have my blog only on Tumblr). So, definitely a Tumblr client for the iPad is going to be of great help for thousands of Tumblr users.

For a Tumblr client like Tumblita, the biggest advantage is the design and the interface. Tumblita is easy to use and all you need to do to update your Tumblr blog is to login through Tumblita. The next moment, you get full access to your Tumblr dashboard. In landscape mode, the dashboard displays all your posts on the left pane and you can even load more to get all your posts listed out, while the right section is dedicated to viewing the content. In the portrait mode, the content section occupies the entire area by leaving a dropdown menu for the dashboard.

Users can post videos, texts, audio, quotes and almost do everything you do on the Tumblr website. An interesting feature is the in-built browser that allows you to view links inside the post. Even the videos and audio can be played within the app. Posts are displayed in the form of scrapbooks and provide a new look and feel to the way your view and read a post. The font and background used to display the posts is simply adorable.

Video and audio can be added only via links. Except for these two, everything in the app is similar to one found on the Tumblr website. Posts can be published now, or you can queue them up to publish them later.

The app worked really well at the time of my review but there are few disappointments. When you want to add images to the text post, there is no option to add it. Same thing happens when you want to import multiple photos into it. Also, the logout button can be shown at the top or made clearly visible to users.

All said and done, to me, Tumbila is a favorite Tumblr client for the iPad. If developers brings us an update to fix the few minor disappointments, Tumbila will be the best Tumblr client for the iPad. This is because, it is good, elegant and of course stylish, just like Tumblr!

Cost: $2.99

Rating: 4/5

download from iTunes

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  1. Thanks so much for the positive review! I recently submitted an update to Apple with the ability to upload videos from your library, so you can now choose from your library videos or a URL! Unfortunately, Tumblr doesn't have any API for uploading multiple photos yet 🙁 but I'll be sure to include it when it's available!

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