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Twitter is everywhere and I admit that I just the Twitter app design for the iPad. But when it comes to features, Tweet Library leads the race. Tweet Library is a newly launched Twitter app that brings in more features that isn’t available with the official Twitter for iPad app. Twitter addicts would find this more useful to manage and search on tweets so easily like never before.

Tweet library iPad app review

Tweet Library proves to be the library of tweets to store all the tweet conversations locally. The stored tweets on the iPad can be transferred to your computer to keep track of all your Twitter conversations. I may not need this, however people who do business conversations on Twitter will find this tool really helpful to easily have access to their old tweets. The most amazing thing with this app was the option to find tweets by specific time, which is not available with any other Twitter clients. Other noteworthy features like organize tweet into collection and filter to hide certain tweets from the timeline.

Tweet Library supports multiple accounts that can be added to the app, so users can keep track of their multiple twitter accounts and effectively manage all the tweets under one roof. Besides all these better side, there are some little disappointing factors too. Like the official Twitter app,  pull to refresh is not seen and all these under a price tag of $9.99, which is really expensive compared with the free alternative (Twitter for iPad). However Tweet Library is not just a Twitter client, its more of features that aren’t seen with other clients. So, if you need those feature, the app is worth of the cost, but if you just a normal tweep, just skip this off.

Cost: $9.99

Rating: 3.5/5

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