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About The App

Vector By Nekki is a games app, in which you are under totalitarian world and you need to break free and run away, and you are being chased by Big Brother. This is a endless side runner game.


Inside The Game

The game opens up showing a video of a totalitarian world in which, everyone is controlled by one man to whom everyone should obey. But the hero tries to break free and run away by breaking the glass windows of the building and jumps out. And the Big Brother starts to chase him, to bring him back. This is where the game begins.

In the opening screen you will find the Play, Store, and the Stats button on the left side. And the Leaderboard on the right, with the credits and settings on the right bottom. When you hit the Play button it asks to select the location then you need to select the story finally you will be shown to the trick(s) that you will need to will need to win that particular track.


After selecting all these you will land in the game field, in which the hero will run out from the building in where he is kept under control and break out and jump to another one. Then you will need to take control. In the first track/level you will be then and there instructed about how to make each and every move. As you move to higher levels you will need more and more tricks to win each level. In each levels you need to collect bonuses tricks, coins and finish it within a particular time to get more points. Above all you need to escape from Big Brother. In the store you can buy Gadgets, Tricks,Gear and Coins. In the Stats menu you can find all the counts, like the number of jumps, tricks, slides etc…


Everything in this game is picture perfect, starting from graphics, visual effects, animations, sound effects and background music. Everything is new, except the endless side running concept like the retro games. I have to mention about the animation movements is realistic, hats off to those who worked on it. I really enjoyed playing it for a whole day, and I am sure everyone will enjoy it. I deserves 4.9 out of 5.

Price: $1.99

Rating: 4.9/ 5

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