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We have all seen and used puzzles as kids, but this is the first time I’m getting to know a puzzle in a video format. Wow!! people just keep on thinking, making the bar higher and higher for the generation that’s going to follow. This puzzle is definitely far better and way advanced than the one’s we used to play with. Kids of today are blessed, they have everything and in the best of quality.

The app is really very easy to use, but the puzzles inside are definitely no piece of cake. I really like this app it keeps me occupied when I travel, and when on the go its not very easy to be reading all the time, the mind gets bored and is sometimes in need of something that’s more challenging.

The App is absolutely flexible and can be used by all of different ages. If your trying hard to keep your kid quite while waiting for a doctors appointment, this can be a away of doing it. If your having a fight with your sibling over the TV remote and to your bad luck if you loose, you can keep your self occupied with the puzzles on the app. You can probably use the same to attract attention from your sibling and try to bargain the iPad for the remote. Now wouldn’t that be funny, I remember doing all sorts of tricks to get my way with my sister. It may not end in a pretty scene but your mission of getting the remote would be accomplished.

I have two sons who are in their late teens, there are interested in biking and puzzling. I’ve always been scared of their biking hobby, for it always used to put them in trouble. But ever since the video puzzle app has been out, they have been glued to it. They have even put up a scoreboard in their room, for their’s a match on the go and the grand finale is this weekend with the award being a cash prize of their six months savings. I wouldn’t know where that’s going to end, but as long as they stay off the roads and out of trouble I’m fine with that.

The app is self explanatory actually, once you have downloaded it, you just follow the instructions they are very simple. The first screen shows you, sections where you can play, settings for the game whether you want it to be easy or hard, then there’s also directions to show a beginner how to play and a tab for more games which will give you options to download new games. If you are a puzzle lover this is a must have, for its more than one step a head than what we have experienced as a kid.

There are three different modes from which you can choose from, one’s the Arcade mode which has the jumbled picture and as it keeps on moving its hard to identify where we actually stand. Then there’s the camera mode where you have the option to choose the camera you want to use whether its the front or the one at the back. Using the image from infront of you you can solve the puzzle. Then their the video album and the photo album that you can choose from which is self explanatory, it refers to the images stored in your personal album which you could use as a puzzle. What makes it even more interesting is when you check out your scores, every time you finish the puzzle, you are rated with stars, they can be saved and can be used to compare the top score’s with your family or friends. The app is interesting and if your not a puzzle lover try this app out and you’ll find a new hobby.

Price: $0.99

Rating: 4/5

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