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What Is The App All About ?

Video tutorials for iPad – a beginners guide by Dale Drechsler, is a video guide for those who are using iOS 5 in iPad for the first time.


What Is So Unique About The App ?

  • So far I have only seen online videos and guides for iOS 5, this is the first app dedicated completely for iOS 5 for iPad.

  • It has 2 hours of videos from the orientation tour to ‘how to’ over the Air update and parental controls videos.

  • Even if a person is new to iPad with iOS 5, this app will teach him everything in it.

  • There are a lot to say about the app about, but I’ll end up with a few, you’ll know how to use the new split keyboard, how to setup & use the iCloud, how to view a photo taken on your iPhone in your iPad using photo stream and how to use iCloud and share your apps, photos, videos, music, books etc among your iOS devices & your Mac.


What Is So Cool About The App ?

  • This is the first app out site Apple support knowledge base that teaches iOS 5

Where Do They Need To Improve ?

As far as I have seen, there is nothing to be changed


As this app teaches you iOS 5, people of all ages need this app. Hat’s off to Dale Drechsler. Great work !

Price: $1.99

Rating: 3.9/ 5



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