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Gone are the days when moms used to sit next to their little ones and tell them stories. Now, iPad apps using the latest technologies like iDat (Interactive Digital Animated Talking book) have taken up the job of story telling. I found an interesting and interactive book for the Christmas season called ‘When Santa Got Sick’ by Food 4 Thought Productions.

When Santa Got Sick

This app is for all little ones who are able to read words. It is an easy way to help kids learn about Christmas and Santa.

The story captures the essence of why Christmas is celebrated and has a message for both adults and children. As the story is narrated, the text that is being read changes color, helping kids who are learning to read. Right from the home page to the very last one which has the credits, the artwork and graphics are amazing. For each page, you can slide the image around within the iPad frame, to see the rich artwork and minor details that have gone into it. To me, It looks like a small movie.

The background score and the voice are way better than what I expected. Kathy Grable’s powerful narration which brings the story to life is sure to have kids engrossed. Joel McCrary who has done the voice over for Santa, is just perfect for the role. The background score is the work of Raymond Schnurr. The music score and other effects for each page/situation are really awesome. On the final screen when the credits roll up, you hear an original Christmas song ‘Emmanuel Has Come’ co-written by Greg Perkins, who is the author of this book/app.

On the home screen, you have a small menu icon with options to go to any page of the story, the settings and the close window options. In the settings you have the, on & off options for ‘Auto Play Display Narration Text’, ‘Narration Audio Mute’, and volume controls for ‘Sound Narration And SFX Volume and ‘Music Volume’. When you jump into any of the pages, you have the same menu icon found on the home page, which does the same job here also along with a cute small icon like a home in winter, which takes you back to the home page.

Once your kids start reading the text on their own, you can turn off the narration option. Thus it helps your kids improve their reading. My kids loved the story so much that they wanted to read it again and again.

My final verdict is that, if your kids are still waiting for Santa to bring them gifts on the day before Christmas, then this app is for you and your kids to know the true meaning of Christmas. And this is a wonderful gift you can give your children.

Price: $3.99

Rating: 4.5/ 5

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