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Wired Magazine was the first to start works of creating an iPad app with the help of Adobe, since Apple rejected Flash on iPad, it took some time for Wired to make an app using native platform. So, finally after many months Wired has unveiled its first Magazine app for iPad and surprisingly 24,000 apps was sold in the first hour, making Wired magazine app on #1 in App store.

Wired magazine iPad app

First of all, I didn’t find the app to be exciting, all I found was an enhanced technique like video preview and some graphical effects for certain pages. The interface is good to read, but it really disappoints and you may need to get used to some functions. Everything was good enough to read, except the biggest disadvantage of 500 MB app size. Its quite known many are using limited data plan for iPad 3G, so downloading Wired Magazine app is merely  impossible and you need to downloaded the latest version of the magazine every month that comes around 500 MB.

This is not the case for everyone, for those who use Wi-Fi to download the app, but certainly it avoids downloading the app on the move.

Cost: $4.99

Download from iTunes

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