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Here comes WorldCard HD, the intelligent business card as well as customer relationship manager for the iPad. Developed by Penpower Technology Ltd, who has already made major OCR – Optical Character Recognition based apps like WorldCard Mobile and WorldCard Contacts. WorldCard HD is the iPad version of WorldCard Mobile, with some new interesting features.

WorldCard HD

WorldCard HD app can scan piles of business cards and save them in your iPad. As soon as you snap a single business card or scan many cards in a single go, which saves your time. It uses the ‘Auto-enhance image optimization’ to improve the quality of the image and change it to the most perfect definition. Just like the app’s iPhone version, it makes flawless character recognition. The contacts can be organized, into various groups as per your needs.

Now, if you want to pull out the information of a particular person, you can use the powerful search tool, and get the information based on name, contact address and other particulars. With just a single tap you can contact a person using FaceTime or email them. You can also locate their address on Google Map, using which you can find the way to that place and plan your trip there with ease. You can browse their web page also.

You can transfer the contacts to your PC via iTunes File Sharing. In case you don’t have your iPad at hand, then you can get them from the backup in iCloud and Dropbox integrated with the app. If you want the contacts that your have on your iPad, to be transferred to your iPhone, then you make it using WorldCard Mobile iPhone app.

As the resolution of the image taken by iPad 2 camera might not be good enough for OCR recognition, the developers themselves have mentioned that, we can get the contacts from the images taken by iPhone 4S or 3GS Photo Stream or get them from iCloud or Dropbox or through iTunes File Sharing.

Though this app will be useful for business people, who always need their customer details. Also others can give it a try.

Price: $14.99

Rating: 4/ 5

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