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What Is The App All About ?

NoteLedge for iPad By Kdan Mobile Software LTD, is a note taking app for iPad with various other interesting features.


What Is Unique About This App ?

  • Normally note taking apps allow you to key in the notes.

  • But this app also allows you to write down with your stylus, draw a map if you are on a journey.

  • Add multimedia content like your voice recordings,video and photos.

  • When have large amount of pages you can bookmark an important page instead of searching it.

  • Change different templates for your notes.

  • Cut and paste any part of your notes to anywhere as many times you want with the navigator.

  • Select different tools for writing like pencil, brushes, crayons and choose their colors.

  • Erase what you’ve written and select the size of your pencil/brush

  • You can rest you hand in the palm rest

What Is So Cool About The App ?

  • Store your files in chronological order, with the calender displayed above the thumbnail of the file.

  • You can preview each page of the file in thumbnail size.

  • You can store the file or upload them to various cloud storage services & to an FTP server/ WebDav.

  • Share it through Facebook, Email as both PDF or JPEG.


Where Should They Improve ?

  • The ‘Navigator’ feature is not easy to use for first time users.

  • The color palette is too small, the same applies to the size and opacity selection options.

  • A detailed offline help section is essential for this kind of app.


This is one of the apps that has drawn my full attention from the first time I used it. I would definitely recommend this app to all those who need to take notes.

Price: $1.99

Rating: 4.8/ 5

Download from iTunes

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