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pocketcloud for iPad

I always believe iPad can be a personal computing device, but many don’t agree with my points. The reason was its operating system, which restrict the use of certain applications. But now its no more, PocketCloud app for iPad let users to access their computer right from their iPad. The PocketCloud connects your iPad to your computer any location using Remote Desktop Protocol, which has to be enabled in your computer. To access your computer you need to install it on your computer and also on your iPad (also works with iPhone and iTouch). The PocketCloud software does not work on Mac and it runs only on certain operating system such as

  • Windows 2003 Standard/Enterprise with SP2 or later
  • Windows 2008 Enterprise
  • Window XP Media Center Edition with SP2 or later
  • Windows XP Pro with SP2 or later
  • Windows Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate with SP1 or later
  • Windows Vista – Business, Enterprise, Ultimate with SP1 or later
  • Windows 7 – Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate only

So before installing, make sure that the application is supported on your operating system.

The application was really fantastic, it even plays Flash on your iPad without any disturbance and you can do anything that can be done on your computer. The configuration part is simple, all you need is to enter certain information like your system IP address, port number, username and password of your operating system. Then finally select a nickname for the OS to be displayed. In order to operate your computer remotely, your system has to be in active state, so shutting down your system, won’t let you to access your computer from iPad.

Whats great about PocketCloud?

  • Easy to install and configure compared to other cloud apps
  • Enable watching Flash videos on Youtube
  • Simple Interface
  • Enable a virtual mouse which can be selected from the bottom menu
  • Minimize iPad’s default menubar
  • Right click button for Windows

What lacks in PocketCloud?

  • It won’t support Mac OS X
  • Multi-touch function is not so good in Windows environment
  • Windows Firewall has to be disabled
  • You can see some fuzzy lines in PC desktop once you get back to your PC.

Here I have added a video to let you know how it works. Thanks to Luke for making a great video.

Overall, its a great app to remotely operate your computer from your iPad and the app does everything a normal computer performs. At a price tag of $14.99, it sounds reasonable for transforming iPad into your personal computer.

Cost: $14.99

Download from iTunes

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