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iPad has some limitations when compared to a PC or a Mac. So I always look for applications that can help bridge the gap between a computer and a tablet.

Xtrafolio is one of those apps. The first version of this app released few weeks back and this is one of the hot releases that grabs attention in the App Store. It is a portfolio app that helps you to organize your photos. It is professionally designed for an first version. Just plug this app to your computer and start organizing the photos from it.


Xtrafolio helps you to create folders as many as you like, add images to it, sequence and customize them as you want. You can choose an image for the folder, position of the text, folder size etc.,  The layout and the style of the page can also be changed according to user’s taste. It has an optional passcode which helps users in securing the data.

Xtrafolio Makes it easier for watermarking your images and mailing them. You can get downloadable watermarks and backgrounds from the Xtrafolio site. There is an mailing facility in this app and the users can disable them, when they want. I think that the developers made this app with an aim of giving the iPad users, the sophistication of using computer, with an easy to use interface.

One amazing thing about this app is it has so many features for a first version. But the size is only 1.2 MB and it really loads fast. As it runs on iPad, it is advisable for the users to have a backup of the photos in the computer. This app is available in six languages and costs $19.99. Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur one, I suggest you to try Xtrafolio.

Rating: 4/ 5

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