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Teaching toddlers to spell a word is not a cakewalk. I have seen many people losing their temper, while teaching their little ones.

YouLearn ABC HD

If your kids have started taking to you, then it’s time for you to teach them the basics. Different people follow different methods to teach their kids. But now, there is an app for that too. Yes you’ve got “YouLearnABC HD” by Applike Solutions AB, to take up your job.

Unlike the conventional methods, this app lets your kids learn on their own. Its interface is so simple that the users don’t even need to explain them what to do. All they need to do is, just giving the iPad to their kids after launching this app.

YouLearnABC HD doesn’t stop with teaching how to spell a word. With some amazing graphics, it also teaches what a specific word means by showing the pictures of animals or objects. This app creates sounds related to it to make the learning process enjoyable. Therefore, apart form knowing the how to spell a word, your kids can also know the meaning of it. By teaching through this method, your kids can easily remember and recollect what they have learned.

Apart from teaching English, this app can also teach kids four different languages (Swedish, English, Russian and Ukrainian). I recommend this app to toddlers and their mothers as it is the easiest way to inspire a child to learn further.


The developers of this app are offering a free week for YouLearnABC & YouLearnABC HD. Go & grab it when its free.

Price: $1.99

Rating: 4/ 5

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