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 For many years, voicemail has been used as one of the key features of the technological wave which swept through the mobile phone world almost 20 years ago. Now, a company by the name of YouMail found a way to use this feature in a completely new and exciting way. The same company produced a mobile device app called YouMail Visual Voicemail which provides the basic concepts of a really advanced management platform for incoming calls. But, unlike the regular voicemail service, this app produces a very advanced system that can help a whole range of users, from regular people to business persons who are constantly on the go.

A cool voicemail app 

The app was created for the Apple mobile devices and it can be downloaded on the iTunes service. It requires an iOS 7.0 operating system or a later version and is compatible with the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod touch. The app can be applied to both mobile phone numbers and regular landlines, making it highly flexible for practically any phone voicemail service. By installing the app, users receive a fully-dedicated call management platform, rolled into a simple mobile device application, which does the entire job of a standard old-fashion telephone operator system.

 The management possibilities are seen in the YouMail Visual Voicemail features, all of which come with the free version of the app. With it, users can block unwanted calls with a few easy taps, mainly because the app provides a caller ID which makes the management of both incoming calls and left messages much simpler. The feature of smart greeting will allow users to greet callers using a custom message, along with the recognition of the saved caller ID. This is a very desirable function and it will leave a great first impression when, for example, the user’s business partner reach their voicemail. Because of the fully integrated management, the voicemail of the user will be accessible from their iPad and iPhone, but also from any regular desktop configuration.

A cool Voicemail app for all!

 The app’s user interface is perfectly designed focused on providing a clear overview of all the functions. With it, users will be able to control all important aspects of their voicemail and call management and not get lost in too many options and other unnecessary elements. Instead, the YouMail Visual Voicemail presents only the important functions, giving the app really high usability levels.

 Even though these are impressive features, the thing which separates this app from similar offers on the market is their Business and Premium packages. With the YouMail Premium, users can get the app to read them their messages or transcribe them, visual caller ID recognition, a separate and dedicated Voicemail number, along with the ability to unmask any hidden caller ID. YouMail Business covers previous features but adds even more new ones, including a range of automated functions (auto-reply, auto—forward), smart greeting for business purposes and a full control of the process of the live routing of calls. Most importantly, both of these can be attained with a 14-day trial, so that anyone can try them out and see if the app can help them in their everyday life. The YouMail Visual Voicemail covers all big carriers in the US, including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, and T—Mobile.

 With its powerful features, a simple system of different usability levels and a very generous trial period, this app should be the first choice for anyone who is looking for affordable and effective voicemail and call management system.


Price: Free

Rating: 4.7/5

  Download from iTunes

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