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iPad Survey App

Curiosity is a good thing. At least in my opinion, that is true. Well, come to think of it: Curiosity leads to many discovers. As a matter of fact, most of the best discoveries and shattering truths were products of the previous decades’ renowned scientists. To cut long story short, be curious! If you want to know something, the only real way you can know of it – perhaps the truth behind it – is by asking the right people who are quite into its niche. So if you’re ready to start delving into people and get to learn their intakes, a new tool has been contrived for the convenience of people like you. It’s an app called We Surveyed 101 People.

iPad Survey App

What is We Surveyed 101 People?

Just to make things clear, the app is not necessarily created for you to do the survey. Instead, it’s a turnkey tool that gives you the answer of the majority concerning a certain topic or question. So basically, the creation of the app would not have been possible without the cooperation of a hundred people for any topic or question that you could think of!

How does the app work?

It’s simple. Ask yourself a question: what have been drowned into my thoughts lately? -There are questions set already within the app. So, all you have to do is look for the most appropriate question that resonates with your curiosity.-After clicking on that question, you will be playing a game. -How does the game go? It’s like Bingo: There will be jumbled letters set at the bottom part of the screen and you are to guess the three top answers using those letters.

Guess the Picture:

Aside from questions, there are pictures too. The pictures go for the purpose of your guessing. You will have to make three guesses concerning the top three answers given by over a hundred of people asked of that. The same rules apply that of the survey question game. You will also gain points too, which makes a great scale for your acuity in thinking through things and matching them with the most appropriate answers based on the majority!


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In case there are questions that do not resonate with the stuff you are curious about, don’t worry because the app continues to update. If you want your survey questions answered – in case they’re not a part of the fixed survey questions, you can simply contact the support group online to get them included for the next update. Enjoy the game in your iPhone or iPad, which gets better with the company of family and good friends!

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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