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The Family Orbit – Family Locator with Parental Controls is designed to provide parents with one touch mode of checking the movements of their family members. Teenagers are a particularly wild group and many parents are left worrying whether their teenagers are safe and doing the right things. This app is designed for such a parents to, among other benefits, give them peace of mind. It is also an ideal too for use on other members of the family.

The app is designed with several features that may differ with membership subscription. In this regard, Premium subscription offers more features than the basic plan.

Foremost, the app has the Family locator feature. This feature enables a parent to select location tracking for a family member and therefore keep tabs on their movements

Moreover, with the location history feature, the app enables a user check the places where the child or any family member has been. A parent needs not worry of where their child has been during the day. They can check their movements from wherever and be able to warn or advise their teens accordingly.

Specifically, the app enables the parent see the log of the location where their family member is at any particular time. With the premium subscription, a parent is able to access location history of up to 30 days.

Another great feature of this app is known as family places. The feature enables a parent create virtual boundaries, otherwise known as geo fences. If the family member leaves that virtual boundary, a notification is instantly sent on their iphone. Further, when they return to the location, they receive a notification. The app allows users to create geo fences of between 150 to 2000 meters.

The app is not solely about keeping tabs of the family member’s movement, it allows parents keep in contact with their children by sharing photos and sending messages. Specifically, they are able to share photos with selected family members privately.

It is also a useful tool to communicate with family members in case of an emergency, because it enables, a family member in an emergency to send a panic alert by a single tap. When the panic alert is pressed ,all family members on the selected get an instantly alert on the mobile phone.

Moreover, the app enables set of maximum speed limits on which the family member can drive on. In the event this speed limit is exceeded, a notification is sent on their mobile phone.

Further, the app enables a parent to monitor most activities on the family members’ phone such as photos, address book, data usage, wi-fi details and planned calendar events. Furthermore, all installed android apps on the family member’s phone can be monitored.

Unlike other apps of this kind, the Family Orbit – Family Locator with Parental Controls is easy to install. Most parents will install the app by themselves. More so, its use, is easy. Just select the family member or members you wish to keep tabs or communicate with. When the user wishes to see the location of a family member, all they have to do is pull up that family member and see their location via GPS. The location is displayed on the screen. the app is compatible with, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

It also offers more features at the basic level. Further, this app enables users to add a large number of family member. This is up-to 10 family members. Moreover, this is not only a monitoring app but a useful app for keeping in touch with family members.

Price: Free

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  1. I have personally used Family Orbit, and in my opinion, it is an excellent parental control app that helps keeping an eye on the activities of children while they go out with friends and make sure that they are not going on a wrong track.

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