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Home Media News Number of mCommerce apps in App Store increased 1320% over 2 years

Odessa, Ukraine – Clickky, a full-stack platform for mobile publishers and advertisers, has released a research white paper in collaboration with Appfigures. Having analyzed the applications on both iOS and Android platforms throughout 2016, Clickky and Appfigures discovered data that can help marketers understand the current trends in mCommerce and increase the efficiency of marketing strategies in the Shopping apps category in 2017.

“The collaborative report demonstrates that mobile is an essential component of eCommerce nowadays. Moreover, in 2016 mobile eCommerce finally overtook desktop in terms of both traffic and budget contributions,” said Galyna Divakova, Chief Marketing Officer at Clickky. “For app marketers, it is vital to concentrate on user behavior and track the current market trends. Our collaborative report offers a deep dive into Shopping apps data and lets the marketers and developers discover what apps customers prefer to make purchases in different countries and how much it costs to acquire mobile users for a mCommerce app.”

The growth of mCommerce is one of the major trends in 2016-2017:
The number of apps in the Shopping category shows a strong year-on-year growth, making mCommerce one of the major trends in 2016-2017. There are twice as many Shopping apps in Google Play as in App Store, however App Store shows greater growth rate of the Shopping apps compared to Google Play (+1320 VS +890%).

Local Shopping apps face tough competition:
The majority (87 percent) of all Shopping apps in Google Play get launched worldwide, and the App Store data seem to show a similar trend. That means that local Shopping app developers face tough competition in small countries, as there are too many apps for the limited number of mobile users. However, local Shopping apps are expected to rise over the next year.

The secondhand app market is on the rise in Europe:
The research has shown that secondhand apps are becoming more popular than sales aggregators among European users. Together with the location-based solution development, the boot-sale trend is expected to grow even larger in scope among mobile shoppers.

Average cost per install for Android and iOS dropped in 2016″
According to Clickky’s data, collected in 2016 from 233,265 Android and 115,538 iOS user acquisition campaigns for Shopping applications, the average spending per install on both platforms has dropped in 2016. Average cost per install for Android OS was down 35 per cent, while negative growth rate for iOS Shopping apps was a couple points less – 28%.

About Appfigures:
Appfigures is an app intelligence platform that provides insights about apps, developers, and SDKs – from revenue and performance analytics for app makers to market trends for analysts, and lead generation for service providers. For more information, please visit www.appfigures.com.

More information on the state of Shopping apps in the report. For more information about Clickky, please contact Maria Gersen.

Report: The Past and the Future of Shopping apps

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