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Fluid Notes

If you ever wanted a simple yet beautiful way of note taking as well as handwriting app for your iPad, then Fluid Notes is the perfect app for you. This app can make every note clean, clear, crisp and best of all, shareable to your friends and colleagues. You want to create an entire library of organized notebooks? Not a problem. Fluids Notes can make it for you with a sleek customizable cover for each of your specific notebooks. Plus, you can also annotate, import, export, and backup PDF documents with no hassle at all.

Fluid Notes

If you are used to pinch, squeeze and use three finger movements on your note app before, forget about it. Fluid Notes gives you any tools you need with just a flick of a finger. What’s even more interesting is that you can choose to write with any kind of pen you desire; whether it’s ball pen, pencil, fountain pen, or even a crayon if you’d like to. The possibilities are endless.

Filling up forms, contracts, ordering forms and just the basic note taking have never been any easier with Fluid Notes. What’s even more impressive is that you could basically store it on iCloud so you won’t have to worry about storing it on your phone’s internal memory.

Fluid Notes

Among the basic and elegant features of this app are:

* Fluid Intuitive Interface
* High Resolution of Move-Through Typing/Writing Box
* 4 Different Writing Tools along with Tons of Colors
* Importing and Annotating of PDF Files
* Google Drive, Evernot, DropBox, and Box Import and Export Options
* Beautiful, Customizable Cover Options for Notebooks
* Excellent Organizational Capabilities
* Retina Ink

Plus, Fluid Notes also comes with free in-app upgrades that would surely make your note taking experience a delightful one. Among the free upgrades are:

* Color Selections
* Notebook Covers, Design Selections
* Calendars
* Note Exports
* Paper Selections
* Page Previewing and More

Fluid Notes is definitely the app to go if you want to reach peak productivity minus the hassle.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

Download from iTunes

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