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Home Productivity Masked – Anonymous Dating App Review

Masked is an innovative IOS application that allows people to chat while ensuring their privacy. The aim of the application is to help people live a lifestyle that is healthier and happier by self exploring the social horizon, without any fear of social non acceptance. The application is developed around the concept that anonymous chatting help people to project their true own self by revealing their deepest secrets, sorrows and dreams without much hesitation.

Developed by AB Digital, the application is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod. It requires iOS 7.1 or later versions. The updated version of 1.3.11 is of 2.1 MB size. The application is also available in various languages like English, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and many other European languages. Its user friendly interface and attractive graphics also help the user to navigate and use the application with ease.


A major feature that makes it stand out from other applications is that the user do not have to reveal their personal pictures and information unless the user chooses to do so. The phone number taken at the time of the registration is never disclosed to anyone. The user needs to create a profile after installation and all the information provided by the user is kept hidden from the contacts of the users. Only the name of the user is visible to other. Therefore, one may not require to reveal any personal information while using Masked and may easily connect with people of common interests. One may get to know people at their own pace and reveal their own self accordingly. The discover button helps people discover people around them in their locality. One may find people of various demographic profile and interests. One may send their request to the person of their liking and wait for their approval. Once it is approved by the other user, both may start chatting.

The application also allows each individual user to create multiple profiles that may reflect the multiple dimensions of their personality and a varied range of interests. The application allows users to indulge in all passions and provide multiple scope for connecting with people. The SSL connection used by the application helps prevent eavesdropping. This helps to keep all the conversation completely private. One may also share pictures securely through the connection.

Thus, Masked provide an innovative platform on which one may meet, chat and date people privately. Unlike many other social networking applications, Masked provides easy interface, instant messaging and anonymous multiple profiles to discover and chat with people in their own locality.

Price: Free

Download from iTunes

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