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D-Volution v2

For all the musicians out there and all those who want to become one, D-Volution v2 is a drumming application for the iPad that is loaded with a lot of cool stuff. You can take your drumming skills to the next level by utilizing the endless possibilities that this app offers. My friend who uses this app raves about its functionality and says that his drumming sessions have improved to a large extent with D-Volution v2.

D-Volution v2

D-Volution v2 allows you to make your own music. You can use a wide variety of drum kits available in the app. This is one of the fastest and most responsive drumming apps I have ever tried. It has got many unique features that make it stand out from other drumming/music apps.

The app has four different drum sets – orchestral, percussions, hip-hop and pop rock. You can browse through the instruments/sounds in the ‘Instrument Panel’ and add them to your set. Tap and hold any instrument on the screen to activate the edit mode and start playing. What I like a lot about the app is that it lets you conveniently move the kits around. With the beatmaker in D-Volution v2 you can create your own loops or sequences.

With D-Volution v2 you can play pre-programmed beats. You can edit tracks to program longer beats. You have the privilege of modifying your kit by selecting individual sounds. The app gives you the option of selecting your timpani, tom and vox to get the perfect combination of sounds you are looking for.

The most notable feature of the app is the mirror mode. When you choose this mode, 2 people can start playing 2 sets of drums simultaneously. So now you can drum along with your friends and create cool beats. The very detailed tutorial of the app explains its working clearly. The app has got a pleasing interface and you can choose any wallpaper from the app as your background. D-Volution v2 has got very good sound sensitivity. Each kit gives you different sound and every individual kit has got a separate volume control. D-Volution v2 supports Retina display.

D-Volution v2

Your tracks can be recorded, saved, deleted or shared via email. Every recorded session can also be shared through SoundCloud (an online audio distribution platform). The app is a complete entertainer that also helps you enhance your musical creativity. You can purchase Heavy-Metal Kits through an in-app purchase for $0.99. The developer is expected to come up with additional sets in the near future. This app is a great way to bring out the musician in you. It would have been good if the app had a beginner’s guide to drum rudiments.

D-Volution v2 costs $1.99 and requires iOS 5.1 or later versions.

Price: $1.99

Rating: 4.5/5

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