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Home Productivity Simplanum Organiser – Review of The Ultimate App

Maximum productivity and planning is a new trend in the world today. Many people in all fields and professions need quality time management assistance that may help them to maximize their productivity. The Simplanum Organiser app, the latest invention by Simplanum Team has been developed in a manner that is matching the new demands in the world market today. The app is available for download in the Apple Store for Free. Once the app installed in the device, all the features display on the screen.

Following are the features of Simplanum Organiser app

Full functionality of Calendar, Notepad, and Diary within a Single Interface

The calendar is used for proper date recording. The users have the freedom to schedule and set specific activities, meeting, and events they need to attend under a given time frame. In the calendar option, Simplanum Organiser app has an alarm set reminder that reminds the user on the set date or time. The Notepad plays a critical role in the app. The users are relived the burden of carrying a pen and a notebook along with them. Notepad is used to take notes or minutes during a sitting. For the diary, it works along with the calendar. Users can record future activities they need to attend with ease. All the features store the data in the cloud ensuring they are safe and confidential

Voice Recording and Annotation

The Simplanum Organiser app is enabled with a voice recording ability. The user can, therefore, get life coverage of the event that took place. The data recorded can be retrieved any time required. The annotations on the other hand that helps the user to edit the data recorded to enhance that data retrieved is of the best quality.

Cloud Storage Enabled

The app is equipped with cloud storage ability. The cloud storage ability makes sure that the data stored there is safe and confidential. The cloud storage do not require you to carry your device everywhere as you can retrieve from anywhere as long as you have the details of your cloud account and access to the internet. The app can instantly synchronizes, making the user to attach the files to the app at ease.

Clipper Ability

Simplanum Organizer app has the clipper capability advantage. The feature enables the app user to save the page offline from the browsers. The built-in Web client allows continuous integration into laptops and therefore no need to be internet connected all the time as you can always view the data you have entered, get smart recognition of time and date while typing and the capability to add Geo location to notes.

Event Weather Forecasting

The feature of Event Weather Forecasting in the Simplanum Organiser app works hand in hand with the calendar. The Event Weather Forecasting helps the user to predict future weather patterns. The user is, therefore, able to plan and set his events on the weather pattern that will favor them.

Lock Application Feature

This feature makes the app secure and confidential. It enhances that the users’ privacy and the information are confidential. The app’s access is reserved to the user only.

The working of Simplanum Organizer app has been eased and hence user-friendly. All the features are aligned on one page once you open the app. The user therefore just needs to click on the service required, and it opens up automatically. The Simplanum Organiser app has much more benefits that can’t be overlooked in comparison to the related apps. To be precise, the app combines almost all the services that could be installed in separate apps like Notes, Calendar, and Cloud.

All the necessary features in the app are made free to the users. However, a monthly subscription option is available in the app as it helps in unlocking other entries that the user may need. For example, while availing the premium cloud option, a subscription fee of $6.99 per month is charged. The Simplanum Organizer app has received a lot of accolades from its many users as it has given them a plenty of tools at their disposal. The app has focused on making individuals endeavors easier that are commonly different from other apps with the similar concept.

Price: Free

Download from iTunes

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