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Home Productivity XNSPY – A Fascinating iPad Spy app to Monitor Children

For those looking for an effective and reliable iPad spy app that operates in stealth mode, XNSPY is the best shot. It is very user-friendly, the installation process barely takes five minutes if it’s on a jailbroken iOS, and on a no-jailbroken iOS, it doesn’t even need installation, the target’s iCloud credentials are enough.

iPad Spy Overview

XNSPY is available in Apple Store, and it is available in Google Play Store for Android devices. It works on both iOS and Android devices. The Premium Edition is available at $12.49/month, and its list of features is quite extensive. However, it is also available in the Basic Edition with limited features at $8.32/month.


This app offers a long list of features that aim to provide users the ultimate solution for monitoring children while they use iPads.

Monitor Calls – Users can check all calls made and received along with the date and time. This app also records calls and uploads them to the user’s control panel. If the user wants to monitor specific contacts in the target’s phonebook, the “Watch-list Contact” feature sends alerts whenever that contact calls the child’s iPad.

Monitor SMS and iMessages – Users can also monitor all incoming and out-going SMS. With the “Watch-list Word” feature, users can mark specific words to receive alerts whenever the target person uses those words in Texts.

Monitor IM Messengers – Monitoring IM messengers like WhatsApp, Skype, Kik, Line, and Viber can be important to make sure that children using iPads are safe from internet bullies and other morally unaccepted activities. This app allows users to see all conversations via these apps, including photos and videos sent or received.

Monitor Facebook Messenger – This is one of the most used messenger app used by children via their iPads. Through this app, parents can monitor all messages sent and received via this app, including photos and videos.

Monitor Instagram – Users can access the target person’s Instagram activities to keep them safe from predators online. Mainly, it allows parents to make sure that their kids strictly share decent photos.

Surround Recording – Whenever the user wants to eavesdrop, he or she can use this app to turn on the recorder and record conversations happening around the iPad.

Monitor Emails (Gmail) – Users also get access to all emails inside the Gmail account; however, they cannot delete or modify files.

Monitor Contacts – Users can access the target iPad to check the contacts in the phonebook whenever they want to see whom their children have in their friends circle.

Monitor Installed Apps – To make sure that the children don’t install harmful apps like gambling and adult content apps; parents can use this monitoring app to keep regular checks.

Monitor Videos and Photos – Keeping an eye on the videos and photos teenagers send and receive is very necessary for parents. This app makes monitoring photos and videos easy. With the sudden rise in sexting and internet predators who harass children, parents can’t be too careful.

Monitor Browsing History – To keep kids safe from adult content, which is all over the internet, sometimes installing parental control apps is not enough. XNSPY allows users to see the browsing history and bookmarked sites.

Monitor Places with GPS tracking and Geo-fencing – Through GPS tracking and Geo-fencing, it is possible to know exactly when and where the kids have been at different times of the day. No more wondering where kids go when they go places without permission and are late on their way home.

Ensure Security (Wipe Data) – If things get out of hands, parents can wipe off all the data on the child’s cell phone to show who is boss. This means that parents can always stay in control of the child’s freedom.

Receive Alerts – Users can receive alerts about everything their child does around the clock. Whenever they want, they can check the control panel to monitor their kids.

Remotely Control Device – In addition to wiping off data on the iPad, if users find it necessary, they can lock the device remotely.

Other Features – Users of XNSPY enjoy the following benefits:

1. 100% Undetectable
2. Free updates
3. Web based control panel

Conclusively, with this iPad spy app, parents can feel safe while their kids use their iPads to enjoy socializing via Social Media platforms. There is no need to make monitoring kids a big deal anymore.

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