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Home Social Networking Droppped: Vicinity-Based App that Fosters Fresh Social Discoveries Every Time

There’s a lot to expect from an app that is focused on social networking. After all, there are already numerous, more well-known platforms already available. As much as possible, it has to capitalize on introducing new features that would user in an evolution of the standard social networking app. If we are going to drop (pun very much intended) names that could very well be showing promise with the innovations it brings to table, Droppped deserves to be one of them.

The app, after all, focuses on the location of its users. In fact, it’s safe to say that this social networking app is location-centric. This is because its main standout feature is what it terms as live check-ins. With it, you’ll be able to receive live feeds on the exact location you’re currently at, and even share your own content with people and friends who happen to be also within the vicinity. 

What makes things even better is once you leave or check-out of the specific area, it would be practically closed off from you, meaning that all the content that you viewed from it would now be inaccessible. This also means that you would be able to meet new people and discover equally novel networks once you enter a new area. This is certainly a truly noteworthy feature since it ensures that you would be completely immersed in what every place has to offer. After all, each one is bound to offer something that is unique to that locale alone.

Of course, this feature also makes sure that your content would only be viewed by a limited audience (only users of Droppped within a specific area). This is a major plus when it comes to privacy and security. Yes, you still need to create your own profile (or connect it with Facebook), in the same manner as in other social networking platforms. The interface of the app calls to mind the one’s that are found in most social networking apps, so it’s easy to get the hang of.

You get your own feed, have the ability to share photos and videos directly from your camera, and view your profile. But first, it’s vital for you to never forget to check-in at your current location. You only need to type your exact location, and all its live feeds would be made available to you promptly. You may avail of the app’s built-in Radar, which comes at a cheap price, if you want the app to detect your location automatically and find your friends’ location for you.

In your profile, you may view the number of check-ins you’ve made, as well as the content that you’ve shared in each one along with their corresponding location label. Similar to other social media apps, you also get to see the number of followers you have and people that you follow.

It’s not hard to pinpoint what makes this app a whole lot different from other social apps, as evidenced by its main capability of being able to check-in in various places. It’s a fresh take to social networking, and it certainly opens doors to a lot of possibilities and new ways to interact with people in various places.

Price: Free

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