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Social networks have become a necessity in the modern society. It has profound uses ranging from recreational benefits to business activities. Twitter being at the top notch has been exceedingly embraced in all aspects of social networking. It encompasses important uses therefore, seen to be the best microblogging platform. People from all occupations are on twitter. Government heads, top celebrities, the elites and all other categories have found twitter very crucial. It has so many features that make it unbeatable. Use of twitter has been made more convenient with the invention of an amazing application known as the NC Twitter widget for notification center.

Concept and the working of the Twitter widget for notification center App

The idea behind this outstanding discovery is that accessing the notifications in your twitter handle was more of a jailbreak. Accessing the notifications would normally require several steps through your iPhone. These steps usually caused some disruptions of other important uses in your phone. The NC application eliminates the jail breaking steps and thus protects your devices from viruses and other malware by making it less vulnerable.

Features of the NC App

· It possesses Lock screen capabilities, which enable one to use twitter even when the screen lock is on. One is able to follow what is happening on twitter without missing anything.

· This twitter widget for notification allows one to see the latest tweets. This feature can also be personalized so that the user only receives a particular tweet of interest especially where one is mentioned.

· It allows one to tap on a certain notification whereby one can favorite or retweet it. This eliminates the need to refresh the whole browser for such an easy task. Additionally, one is able to open the usual account if the tweet board is installed on the device. The widget does not limit it but makes it simpler.

· Another interesting feature of this application is that it allows one to launch twitter in another application. This facilitates more interaction because it eliminates the need to quit whatever one was doing.

The customizable nature of this NC twitter widget for notification makes it more reliable than other similar applications. It makes the use of twitter easier than ever because it allows one to access the tweets without necessarily logging into your desktop or a mobile browser. You control what you need to see on your device and this scalability has made use of twitter more fun and more comfortable. You get a lot of enjoyment by tweeting at your own convenience as the application allows you to launch twitter within any other application therefore you don’t have to quit what you are doing.


Even though there are so many notification centre widgets on the apps store with various capabilities, choosing the best can be quite tricky because most of them have various shortcomings that limit the customer’s satisfaction in using twitter.NC twitter widget is an outstanding application that has no such shortcomings and has added more flavor in twitter usage. It is simply the best.

Price: $6.99

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